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How to write the abstract or summary of my research work?

Let me share with you a guideline for writing the summary of your research work. It's not a "golden rule." It's a resource that can help if needed.

As a rule, research abstracts usually have a length of between 150 - 300 words. The length will depend a lot on the criteria of the editor or institution overseeing the publication. Finally, a piece of advice: whenever you write, remember to provide the most relevant details of your work, not for yourself but for your reader.

How to write the abstract or summary?

Structure the summary of your work following the following template. Understand "line" as an idea and not literally a sentence or statement. Complete sentences, with subordinate clauses, are quite useful.

- An introductory line that presents the problem and contextualizes it: what you study, for what purpose, and from what approach (Theoretical Framework).

- A line stating the general objective of the work.

- A line describing the methodology: What type of study, who or with what research techniques.

- A line with the main results (the most relevant ones).

- A concluding line

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